Tell Us What Makes you PROUD

Actually it's your brand, not ours.

Sometimes we take for granted the ordinary, everyday things in life and forget their value. Proud Athletics began with a simple idea; life is short and full of hard work so why not look for the good and celebrate it?

Take a moment to look around. Think about all you can be Proud of in all areas of your life. Reaffirm the positive. Gravitate towards the good. Bask in the joy!

Whether you are Proud of your kids, your alma mater, your country, or your culture, Proud Athleticwear lets you make a statement about it.

All our products are made in the United States, out of the best quality materials, by proud craftsmen and women. We invite you to take the feeling of empowerment embodied in our name, share it with others and, literally, wear it on your sleeve.


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